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The platforms for transformation are endless. In some capacity, we are utilizing them all simultaneously to create our experience here and evolve through our karmic lessons. We employ health, relationships, money, parenting, travel and business to play out the exchanges, challenges, triumphs, and lessons that evolve us toward our highest expression as humans.

The Mogul Mom Gabriella Ribeiro is making an art out of evolving personally through entrepreneurship. From journalism student to employee, to business owner, to author, to business investor, she’s taking her success to new heights and wants to take you with her. So what’s in her secret sauce? Don’t get me wrong, all the words you might expect still apply: badass, baller, risk-taker, magic-maker, but the thing that sets her apart is her authenticity. Her true gift is really owning and embodying her wisdom and influence. And that only comes from real living, real experience, real triumph, real heartache, real-time success, and taking the lessons to heart that have been dealt by each.

Travel was an early influence in shaping Ribeiro’s career path. As a young girl her entrepreneurial father kept the family on the move. Later though the college years, she embraced solo travel.

After journalism school, while looking for a job in the field, she accepted an interim corporate position in the travel industry, bringing unexpected focus to her path. She used the opportunity to hone her skills and gain some experience in the corporate arena, then struck out on her own. In 2003, her first venture, Trumarketing was born. This unique sales and marketing firm specializes in representing tourist boards, destination management companies, and hotel partners around the world. In 2013, she added Explorateur Journeys, a boutique travel company to the mix. Here she specializes in unique custom travel opportunities for the globally curious. Since its inception, the company has served hundreds of clients in expanding their horizons through travel to dozens of countries.

While it was an itchy foot that took her across the globe, it was her busy schedule that taught her to get the most out of a short itinerary. During a particularly challenging time personally, a quick jaunt to Edinburgh, Scotland with her then 8-year old daughter yielded what soon became a signature program for the company: The 48 hour Power Jaunt, a specially curated set of short-burst itineraries around the globe designed to satisfy the traveler who is short on time but long on creativity, boldness and curiosity. “I had been recounting these stories for ages to people who always tell me they would love to do something like this if only someone would just plan everything out for them so that they could feel as though they had really tackled a destination,” says Ribeiro.

This new addition then became the impetus for her book: 48 Hours In: Lessons Learned From A Lifetime Of Global Jaunts. This entertaining read highlights some of the insights that have fostered the very self-evolution that keeps her killing it in the business world.

In the most recent evolution of her entrepreneurial journey, Ribeiro stretched into a new role as owner of The Mogul Mom. The Mogul Mom is a community designed to support women balancing motherhood while creating or building a business. This platform wields a robust offering of resources from online courses, features, practical tools, and inspiration for every level of the mompreneur journey.

So how has all of this growth served Ribeiro in her personal evolution? “This journey has helped me blossom into someone who can take on a ton of things and really feel ok,” says Ribeiro. “It’s become a place where I can thrive as opposed to get stressed when there are a lot of things on my plate.”

As new roles pull our gifts from us in different ways, so has the evolution through stages of entrepreneurship provided such a muse for this entrepreneur. Her tips for getting the most out of entrepreneurship and allowing it to make you rather than break you?

  1. Keep looking for something new. Love what you do; you never have to abandon the core of what you do, but seek new ways to express or enhance what you offer or how you offer it.

  2. Never let yourself get comfortable - always be making connections; keep yourself in the hot seat to network, connect, keep in touch with people, keep prospects blooming

  3. Be able to laugh at yourself - even if you are rocking out your business deals and family commitments, you may find yourself ordering your coffee in a garbage can.

  4. Be flexible - staying agile and being able to make decisions in the moment can keep you out of trouble, but also allow you to take advantage of opportunities that arise in the moment.

  5. Get back up - blossoming through entrepreneurship doesn’t happen as beautifully as a flower might blossom. You’re going to take some hard knocks. You’re going to second guess or question yourself. Surround yourself with a community that will help you bridge the highs and lows.

These are exactly the principles that are fostered for others in The Mogul Mom community. These and so much more. So what’s next? The Mogul Mom is a place to get connected globally. Currently hosted online, this dynamic group will soon be meeting up live. Launching in a few major cities this year, these in-person meetups are meant to deepen bonds and share the wide range of talents of TMM members.

Look for resources at:

Join the group: The Power MOB

And stay tuned for more witty, authentic badassery from Gabriella Ribeiro in her new book, Just F&$@n Do It, where she tackles all you need to know about pulling the trigger on business decisions and working outside of the box.


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