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We are looking for intuitive, empathic, wise souls who have a knack for finding the beauty of self-evolution through everyday life - work, home, family, relationships, community, travel, food, spirituality, fitness, wellbeing.  

Do you specialize in one of these areas?  


Our publication is new, but our experience and connections are deep. We are committed to building an authentic, loyal following through people, projects, and collaborations we love.


​We target over-40 individuals available to the humor, pain, and beauty of making their way in the world.  This audience has been around the block a bit.  Just seasoned enough to have taken some bumps, but optimistic enough to love the journey.  They are educated, have a sophisticated palate, know themselves, their needs and desires.  They are authentic, vulnerable, kind, and seeking community that inspires and supports their evolution, but acknowledges how far they’ve already come.  They are well-traveled, spiritually awake, old souls. 


Content: Submit only original content to Elan Vitae that hasn’t already been submitted to other websites or been published to blogs (including personal blogs).


Tone: Content should be educational, informational, artistic or entertaining in nature.  We encourage you to write in your own voice.  


Word Count: Articles should be between 900-1100 words. If you want to dive deep on a topic, break it up into parts and create a series.


Research Based: Any claims you make, unless they are commonly accepted as fact, need to include sources from reputable publications as a footnote at the end of your articles.


Thoughtfully Written: Please be careful to edit for typos and grammatical errors. If you don’t feel this is your strong suit, have someone who is better at it review your work before submitting it.


Images: We appreciate beautiful imagery to accompany your posts and kindly request that you supply photos that highlight your topic, and all mentioned product photos whenever possible.


Please keep in mind that quality and size are very important. We require a minimum of 1200 pixels wide for main images. 

Images must be royalty free with indefinite use on the web and no attribution required, professional looking, preferably horizontal and should relate to the topic of the article.

Here are links to websites that carry free images you can use:,

High quality, original photography preferred

If you are an expert in your field and offer high quality products or services that may benefit our audience, please provide the links to website and social accounts with your article submission.

Please email for more information.

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