We are a collective of passionate, conscious creators, dedicated to helping others write a zestful life story through conversation, awareness, self-development and fun.

Elan Vitae

Elan Vitae literally translates to your zesty or zestful life story. . .


And we looooove that notion.  


That each and every one of us has the ability to sculpt and shape our own life story through our thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions.  That it is up to us to take the biggest, juiciest bite out of life that we can.  

We want to go deep here. To feel the purpose and potential of walking in this world at this time, yet have a sense of humor about it.  

We want to embrace transformation and commit to evolving as fully as possible this lifetime.  And have a good time doing it.  

And we'd like to share this experience with YOU. We'd like to know what moves you to tears, what keeps you up at night, what lights you up, what inspires you and what ignites your senses.  

Drop us a note in the comment box and let us know what's on your mind.  Then stay tuned for new articles, programs, conversations, and destination getaways that will inspire your transformational journey!

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Meet Our Contributors




Jennifer is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Transformational Coach, and Artist.  She has combined her love of aesthetics, energetics, and intuitive living into Coaching Programs, Products, and Services that inspire deep transformation and effective living and business-building. 



Darien is an artist, observer, and conscious creator. She is passionate about creating community around the simple pleasures of life. She blends spirituality, presence, and appreciation for everyday miracles into tangible experiences for all the senses.  Darien is a true champion for inspired living.  She currently resides in Montana with her “brown dog”, Josie.



Shena is a college-level lecturer, coach, and idea actualization guide.  Her creative exercises and programs have supported hundreds of students and private clients in developing and sharing their unique gifts with the world.  After traveling and living abroad, Shena now homesteads with her husband and two children on their quiet 30 acres in upstate New York.

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