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Jennifer Bristol


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Jennifer is a transformational coach, artist, founder of Conscious Gap Year, and publisher at Elan Vitae Magazine  Her diverse career began with a degree in Communications followed by a variety of marketing positions in a variety of industries including fitness, wellness, lifestyle, design, interiors, and real estate development - all carrying a common thread of providing a luxury product, service, or experience. 


Development of her own intuitive abilities and energetic sensitivities led Jennifer to accumulate vast knowledge from leaders in metaphysics, energetics, psychology, neuroscience, healing arts, somatics, movement and tribal wisdom.  She honed her unique genius while transforming the physical, emotional, and spiritual lives of hundreds of clients in her brick and mortar wellness business, where she blended the best of her deep experience as both a business woman and intuitive energy healer.  


Currently, Jennifer serves elite clients by guiding them on a masterfully curated journey into themselves and their unique energy signature to evoke the most powerful, potent versions of their lives and businesses.

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