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Elan Vitae


Advertising & Sponsorship 2023





Our advertising model is simple. We have one affordable ad size. You submit a full page ad, we take care of the rest. Successful ads focus on the brand, not the click. 

Why? Because out of all the ads our readers see on the hundreds of sites they visit in any given week, we’re not gambling on the off chance that we’re the lucky site that converts our visitor to your customer. 

We build brand awareness and brand loyalty for you. We connect you to our readers, just like traditional media. Only we measure it like no one else. 

Elan Vitae Magazine is seen across web, social, mobile, email, and print-on-demand (coming soon.) Our digital imaging technology automatically optimizes your ad for each delivery size, so you only have to worry about one ad size. 






Our publication is new, but our experience and connections are deep.  We will never buy followers or lists to give a false impression of our reach.  Rather, we can commit to building an authentic, loyal following through people, projects, and collaborations we love.


TARGET AUDIENCE:  Over-40 women or anyone who is available to the humor, pain, and beauty of making their way in the world.  This audience has been around the block a bit.  Just seasoned enough to have taken some bumps, but optimistic enough to love the journey.  They are educated, have a sophisticated palate, know themselves, their needs and desires.  They are authentic, vulnerable, kind, and seeking community that inspires and supports their evolution, but acknowledges how far they’ve already come.  They are well-traveled, spiritually awake, old souls. 

Advertising Rate Schedule


One Size Only:  Full Page

Ad Size with Bleed:  8.5 x 11

Trim Size:  8.25 x 10.75

Safe Zone:  8 x 10.5

RGB or CMYK at 300 dpi

PDF preferred; Rasterized PNG or JPEG accepted

*** Additional sponsorship opportunities coming soon


3 MONTHS Insertion for $125


$125/mo thereafter


Purchase 6 months and get:

3 months Insertion for $125


3 additional months @ $125/mo


Be entered to win FREE Advertorial feature or Social Promo package

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