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Elan Vitae


  • J Bristol


Summer 2023

Create: Dive in, Go deep, Make a splash

Blues, yellows, greens, oranges - the shades of summer inundate our psyche as the season approaches and fill our hearts with a feeling of freedom that invites us to relax, play, dive in, or make a splash.

That wonderful sense of season is what flows through the pages of this issue. This summer, we chose to dive deeply into what it means to create; the courage it takes to dive into any medium, go deep into yourself and your process, and be willing to make a splash with what comes through you and onto the canvas, into the recipe, out of a musical instrument, or any other medium through which you choose to flow creatively.

I hope the time you spend with us in this issue sparks YOUR next creative idea and that the wildness of pursuing that adventure leaves you sun-kissed and fresh-air tired.

Much love,


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