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Elan Vitae


  • J Bristol


Tick, tock, knock knock. Here comes that feeling of anticipation - that visceral alarm that something is brewing. Sometimes it comes in softly, like a whisper. Other times it takes the form of a brick wall and allows us to slam into it. Regardless of the vehicle or lesson, our invitation to RISE has arrived.

Like the energy of potential that still rises from an extinct campfire, what looks like the end of a cycle carries the potential of new beginning. Each new season, new cycle, new day, invites us into something more. . . rising, lifting, growing, expanding ourselves and each other into our fullest potential.

In our fall issue, we’re exploring what it means to RISE. Through us, within us, around us, because of us. I hope this issue meets you wherever you are on your journey and pulls you easily and gracefully toward what’s next.

Much love,


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