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Elan Vitae


  • Solreta Antaria


My interest in Schumann Resonance began over 20 years ago listening to the works of HeartMath Institute and Gregg Braden. Back then, Earth’s heartbeat was around 7.8 Hz. The level of consciousness and interconnectedness we had back then is somewhat limited compared to the level of mass awakening we are currently experiencing on the planet in 2020. Every day, I am meeting new people who say they have just woken up and are seeing reality for the first time.

This is a very exciting time to be on the planet, and chances are, you chose to be here at this specific point in time to help assist the Earth as spiritual midwives, ushering an incredible change onto the planet.

This spiritual shift is also simultaneously happening within us and is sometimes referred to as the ascension process. Mass worldwide meditations, mindfulness, and focused positive intentions have seen the Schumann Resonance numbers spiking to 50-70 Hz. We, as a collective, are shifting whether we like it or not. The more that we resist this change, the harder and more uncomfortable life will be here on Earth. The ways of the old are falling away, crumbling, disappearing kicking and screaming at times. The dark has been unveiled and will continue to be exposed.

Ways we can integrate the light and anchor the marvelous changes:

I liken the new frequency changes to being pregnant and preparing for labour.

I think most of us understand we need to take care of the mother (Gaia). Small efforts like reducing our waste by reusing and recycling items all add up to make a difference. If we approach life on Earth from an ecological point of view, it is important to be adding more value than we’re taking away.

Adding value is pretty straight forward for most inquisitive minds. Things such as planting trees, using permaculture, sustainable clean fuel, clean water resources, shopping local, consuming plant-based diets all help to correct and stabilise the mess that has been created, allowing us to live in harmony with out mother, whilst having enough resources to provide clean food and water to all the children on the planet.

On an internal body level, it is important to take care of our body’s eco-systems, doing things that will govern a positive biology. Focusing on internal components like our gut micro-biome, diet, water intake, exercise, and external components such as meditation, mindfulness, positive relationships and community are vital for sustaining a positive biology.

Frequency change from within will become solid and lasting.

We are awakening to the fact that we are a collective consciousness. Moving through a transcendence, humanity are essentially carbon-based beings. From a clairvoyant perspective, our auras are now becoming more crystalline. Anchoring high octaves of energy, humanity are becoming more spiritual light-based beings.

The Crossroads

We are at a crossroad in time. Humanity must think about the energy imprint of fear and violence imposed upon and surging through such things as the meat and dairy industry. Many are now naturally gravitating away from a diet rich in animal products for a variety of reasons. We are also seeing this change in young children, some of whom even come to the planet with a conscious mindset of respect for all sentient beings. It is natural for children to want to love and protect animals. We are literally seeing history in the making with the mass influx of amazing animal product substitutes. There will come a time where we look back on the past in disbelief that anyone would have ever caged animals or eaten their flesh.

Plant-based alkaline diets are one of the best ways to add bio-photon energy from the sun into our bodies. This is sometimes referred to as living life force and is spoken about as Chi or Qi in martial arts.

By consuming plants, especially alkaline greens, we are able to absorb the energy plants have taken in via the sun through a process called photosynthesis. Plants also contain chlorophyll which is almost identical in structure to our human haemoglobin. Eating a whole foods diet rich in unprocessed food that contains vital micro and macro nutrients helps to build strong healthy gut flora. Fruits and super foods also have the highest electrical conductivity and antioxidants of natural foods.

Consuming a whole-food, plant-based diet, high in raw foods will ensure you are taking this vital life-force energy into your cells. Our bodies do not need to struggle as much to chemically break down and convert this type of food. Our bodies naturally recognise and assimilate what nature provides. Fruit is also the fastest food to be digested, taking only half an hour to digest.

If we can integrate these changes and flow with the shift, we should be on path to integrate with higher Schumann frequencies/ heartbeat of the Earth. Many refer to this as the time of ascension, the awakening.

In their work at Forgotten Origin in Australia, Steven and Evan Strong work with the Australian Original People to share their stories and prophecies. These elders speak of the end of the Mayan Calendar, the significance of 21st December 2020, 9:02pm NT time and what we can do to prepare.

Our current proximity to this date is the main reason I chose to write on the importance of the Schumann Resonance. There are just a few short months to assimilate these massive changes. We need to become comfortable holding alignment with 70 Hz regularly, but also, according to the Strongs, at the time of December 21st, we will be expected to hold 150 Hz. These teachings are based on the information passed down from the Australian tribal elders.

I see clairvoyantly this time as an anchoring of blue flame ascension energy onto the Earth. Many special beings are assisting this process. According to the Australian Original people, the Pleaidians are working with us to achieve this, too.

This is an exciting time astrologically with many alignments and shake ups. We are rising in consciousness and are about to have our view on reality and what it means to be human expanded. Hold on for the ride and look out for each other - we will emerge from this time like the magical Phoenix bird.



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