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Elan Vitae


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Becoming is a strange business, isn't it? It is that perfect, evolving balance between what we know to be true and authentically us, the things we want to take with us, and that we are moving toward, striving for. Sometimes these things are literal, other times they are metaphorical. Sometimes they are a thought or feeling, and other times something tangible.

In this issue we explore that concept between Roots and Reach. That space where so much has happened and yet anything is still possible. That perfect, alchemical cauldron where gratitude and intention lift us gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully) into the new.

This theme was born under a particular “buganvilla” bush at one of my favorite pools in Mexico. One of hundreds of this same species, same color, same other-worldly vibrance I had seen so many times, but somehow the shape and position of this particular plant stood out to me - its steady, protected roots familiarly steadfast in the volcanic soil and its branches, leaves, and blossoms reaching for the tropical sun. It radiated both power and potential from this place of beautiful balance. I acknowledged that example and pondered how to draw it into my daily life. I hope the offerings in this issue will help you do the same.

Much love,



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