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Elan Vitae


  • J Bristol


This issue was inspired by a series of round table conversations we started last year to unpack a few beautiful topics with diverse minds. This series explored the nuances and magic of seemingly simple concepts like moments of awe, ditching excuses, and finding your motivation when there is no finish line. The resulting insights were nothing short of awe-inspiring and we can’t wait to share them.

The contemplation of words and conversation strikes a particularly personal chord for me at this time. On a personal note, this tumultuous year took two very influential men from my life. They couldn’t have been more different people, but each left lasting impressions on me.

One taught me about POSSIBILITY. He seemed to move effortlessly throughout life with a natural-born charisma that drew people to him like moths to flame. He went after things he wanted with full embodiment of his worthiness, and sought to uplift others at every turn. He lived a very robust life and has inspired me to commit to the same.

The other faced physical and mental limitations but his love and kindness knew no bounds. He taught me about the capacity to make an IMPACT no matter how small your sphere of influence. He consistently showed up, authentically him, with a wildly open heart, reminding all who encountered him that deliberate presence is a gift.

Possibility and impact are words I’m carrying close to my heart as we roll into this fall season and the new year to come. What are the words influencing you right now? What are the words that inspire you to step into something new or evolve? How will you create with the wind of those words beneath your creative wings?

Much love,



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