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Elan Vitae


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Resonance is the natural frequency at which something vibrates.

You, me, the coffee cup in your hand, the sidewalk, the car, the thought in your mind, the emotion in your heart, all have a resonant frequency.

When two frequencies come into alignment, a transfer of energy occurs. This can be as radical as a soprano shattering a glass with her voice or as subtle as the warming of your heart when another being ‘resonates’ with you.

I believe the physical distancing of 2020 has made us more aware of how we vibrate energetically. For the first time, we’ve been forced to tune into a more subtle connection with each other and the things around us. I hope we’re emerging from this time being better stewards of our own energy. More conscious of what we share and how we share it, and more discerning of what we allow in.

For this reason, we’re honoring the subtleties of Every Day Resonance in our Fall 2020 issue. In it, we’re exploring literal topics such as the frequency of sound as well as some more abstract concepts around finding one’s voice, noticing our patterns, and healthy self-evolution.

Perhaps you, too, found yourself noticing more nuances this year. Conveying something without words, understanding something without gestures. What has this deeper connection revealed for you? What are you doing with the information you’ve observed about yourself or others?

If you’re looking to connect more deeply to your awareness of these subtleties, stay tuned for some exciting programming at EV in 2021! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter for upcoming announcements of new programs, roundtable conversations, and unique items in our online boutique.

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