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  • Will Amason



Every home is uniquely different.

It’s been said that home is where the heart is, but have you every stopped to consider exactly what that means? A home can represent so many different things because we are all uniquely different. For many of us our home is a personal sanctuary that nurtures our soul, and gives us respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For others, it’s place of raising children, or a place of celebrating family and entertaining friends. Yet for others it’s just an address…a place of unattachment, a touch-point, where we drop our keys, take a shower, change our clothes and head back out the door.

Your address or house number may reveal secrets about your lifestyle.

Most of us are familiar with the psychological effects that wall color has on our psyche, so we tend to personalize our living space with colors that support us in the way we want to be supported. The same can be said about our home’s furnishings and artwork. Some homes are adorned with lavish furnishings and bold artwork, while others are minimally furnished with only the bare necessities. But have you ever wondered about your address or house number and how that plays in to the character of where you live? As a numerologist I know that the numbers that make up your address, hose number or apartment number reveal secrets about your lifestyle.

9 Unique Vibrations, which one describes your lifestyle?

Most people enjoy the privilege of living in several locations during the course of their lifetime, and this is related to the fact that we are always evolving in-and-out of life’s experiences. As children we grow up in the homes of our parents but ultimately, we make our way out into the world to create a home of our own. When we do take this step, we usually first shop around before making that decision to sign that apartment lease or make an offer on a house. We do this because we are unconsciously searching for a home that is a vibrational match to where we are in the cycle of our own lives.

There are 9 basic unique vibrations

1: Individuality, Fast Moving, Decisions, New Beginnings

2: Diplomacy, Cooperation, Gestation, Harmony with Others

3: Creativity, Self-Expression, Problem Solving, Unique Perspective Required

4: Routine, Structure, Finances, Steady Productivity, Discipline

5: Curiosity, Change, Course Correction, Pursuit of Pleasure, Communication

6: Family, Marriage, Groups, Celebrations, Service, Responsibilities

7: Introspection, Spiritual, Higher Mind, Inner Wisdom, Health

8: Material Wealth, Leadership, Balance of the Higher and Lower, Infinity

9: Humanitarian, Defending Values, Ending’s Completion, Protector

So how do you know the vibration of your home?

To determine the vibration of your home, add up all the numbers of the house number and/or apartment number for a sum total. Next add up the numbers of the sum total and continue doing that until you can reduce it to a single number:

  • Example A: 1234 Main Street

Add 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 (Sum total) Add 1 + 0 = 1 (Sum total) 1 Vibration

The vibration of this home would be a 1 vibration

  • Example B: 6495 Main Street, Apartment 106

Add 6 + 4 + 9 + 5 = 24 (Sum total) Add 2 + 4 = 6 (Sum total) 6 Vibration

Add 1 + 0 + 6 = 7 (Sum total) 7 Vibration

Add 6 Vibration + 7 Vibration = 13 (sum Total) Add 1 + 3 = 4 Overall Vibration

In this example the apartment complex resonates to a 6, the individual apartment resonates to a 7, and the overall combined frequency is a 4.

A closer look at the lifestyle of each vibration

ONE: This type of home environment is often a place of inspiration where ideas are started, and plans are put into motion. This vibration is fast moving with a strong focus on personal needs, making decisions and expressing one’s individuality. This vibration is more conducive to those living alone or with others who are independent.

TWO: This type of home environment typically involves two or more people living together or it involves the sharing of experiences of day-to-day life. Whether it’s the neighbor living upstairs, your roommate down the hall, or another family member, this vibration requires the art of diplomacy and learning how to give and take. Respectful communication, cooperation and conscious agreement is essential for establishing harmony.

THREE: Homes that vibrate to this number always contain an element of the unusual and are atypical by some measure. This home environment requires a fresh perspective and those living in it are stretched to express themselves in new and creative ways. Whether it’s how to place furniture in the oddly shaped floorplan, or it’s how you to pay for the overly expensive mortgage payment, those living in a THREE vibration will be asked to find a solution.

FOUR: The FOUR home vibrates best when finding a routine that works, one that “hums” from tried and true methods. This home is an anchor point and a safe port for those that live in this vibration. It’s a home where synergy is the primary focus, and commitment and discipline are virtues that are called into action to keep things running smoothly

FIVE: Each of the 9 vibrations has it’s own traits and the FIVE home can be best described as the pursuit of pleasure. Those living in a FIVE vibration will probably find themselves being more curious than normal with a slight tendency to over-indulge in the smorgasbord of life. Curiosity is another way to say that one is looking for “more” out of life, and often dissatisfied with their current situation. Those living in a FIVE are often wanting to re-invent themselves or are going through a metamorphosis stage in their life.

SIX: The best vibration of a home that resonates to love, family and service is a SIX vibration. Family is highlighted but so is service, and sometimes family obligations can be burdensome, but at the same time richly fulfilling. Think of the piano recitals, the little-league practices, and the obligatory monthly dinner with the in-laws; in hindsight you wouldn’t trade them for anything. Living in a SIX vibration teaches you that true service is love itself and a key to a fulfilling life.

SEVEN: The SEVEN home has deep spiritual roots and those living in it will be asked to develop a greater reverence for introspection and accessing inner wisdom. This vibration is perfect for those wanting to meditate and focus on the deeper meaning of life. A seven home contains a wisdom that can be deeply felt. Deep conversations over the dinner table, a wide array of interesting books, an eclectic assortment of meaningful art that stirs the soul, or a garden that beckons one to commune with nature…all of these are traits of a SEVEN.

EIGHT: This high vibration resonates with the ability to orchestrate resources, and direct energies in an effort to yield results. Those living in an EIGHT vibration may be called into a leadership role or are developing the traits of a leader within themselves. This household is highly resourceful, can rally and influence others into action, and can easily generate results when others struggle. The EIGHT is actually an infinity sign representing a balance of the higher mind with the lower mind. Those living in an EIGHT home resonate with the ability to seamlessly weave ideas into action into results.

NINE: The last vibration is the NINE and this home is all about humanitarianism, the welfare of all concerned and upholding one’s beliefs even in the face of disapproval. If you find yourself living in a NINE home your values may be tested and you may be asked to stand up for what you actually believe. Honor and integrity are virtues of a NINE and living a life true to one’s own self. Another aspect of the NINE is that of endings and completion so this may be a time of your life where you are finishing up a phase of your life. Remember endings proceed new beginnings so living in a NINE vibration may feel like change is on the horizon but patience is still needed. See things through to the end, complete what you started, and be true to yourself.

You embody all 9 number vibrations

The truth of the matter is that each of us vibrates to all 9 basic vibrations all the time and to think you are just one of them is short sighted. When you take into consideration the vibration of your full name, your nickname, your birthdate, your age, the name of your city, the name of your street, etc. you can quickly see you are a composite of many different vibrations! Although each of the 9 vibrations have their own unique traits, one is not better than another. The gift of knowing your home’s vibration is the wisdom and ability to embrace what that trait has to offer and integrate that frequency in your own life. There are no coincidences and the fact that you are living in a certain frequency is no happenstance.

Your Home is a Reflection of YOU

Your home’s vibration is important for there is usually lesson to be learned by living in that frequency. Remember, your outer world is always a mirror of your inner world and any synchronistic number such as your address or apartment number is the Universe speaking to us. If you pay close attention, you will realize the Universe is in constantly giving you valuable information all the time.


If you'd like to learn more about how numerology affects your home and other areas of life, schedule your private Numerology consultation with Will Amason HERE.

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