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Understanding energy . . . 

Energy is what we, and everything around us, is made of.  Vibration is a way to measure that energy.  Every physical object, including our physical bodies, has an energy field.  According to our 5 senses, the energy field has no tangible properties.  You cannot see it, hear it, taste, it, smell it, or even touch it, but you can learn to sense it. 

Within this energy field is buried the blueprint, or matrix, of information that tells of every aspect of the object, it's surroundings, and any and all people or things that have come in contact with it.  That means every person, place, and thing in our experience has a unique "energy" signature.

Learning how to tap into this matrix allows you to address issues or initiate scenarios before they manifest physically.  Your relationships, your products, your physical spaces can all be energetically optimized to better facilitate achievement of your goals.  

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