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Organizational Energetics



Based on the Principle of Ho’oponopono:  The literal translation is ‘to put to right; to put in order or shape, correct, revise, adjust, amend, regulate, arrange, rectify, tidy up, make orderly or neat.”  To take responsibility for the discord or disharmony within.  And as I am you and you are me, righting this creates harmony for all.  Accepting 100% responsibility for everything being experienced.  


For executives and leaders, this translates to team members who have a high sense of personal responsibility for their own happiness, achievement, contribution.  In turn, leading to better, more consistent engagement and productivity for the organization.



First session:  Energy Assessment:

  • Verbal interview with individual team member to assess their satisfaction in multiple areas of life including home, work, relationships, health, environment, wealth/abundance.

  • Intuitive reading of the individual’s energetic matrix.  The focus is on the whole person with the intention of identifying stagnancies, blockages, inefficiencies, and tendencies or habits no longer serving.  

  • Immediate clearing and recalibration of personal energy field; create road map for addressing issues that have arisen during both interview and energy assessment.  Then, employ a battery of techniques to release and realign toward desired goals.  All work is done with the wholeness of the individual in mind.


Subsequent Sessions:

Month 1:  Weekly

Month 2:  Weekly

Month 3:  Bi-weekly

Month 4:  Bi-weekly

Month 5:  Monthly

Month 6:  Monthly


Content of remaining sessions: rotate through a combination of clearing, connecting, and creating.  


CLEAR - Focusing on stagnancies, blocks, baggage, trapped emotions.  This happens in layers with time in between to process and bring others to surface.  Session schedule is weighted toward the beginning to insure adequate support in successfully moving through these layers.   Employ energy techniques including visualization, breath work, muscle testing, energy healing, and clearing. Tools are provided based on individual needs along the way to facilitate sustained clarity and heightened awareness.


CONNECT - Each team member will learn how to connect to their deepest wisdom and find their intuitive voice.  Their new norm will become a place of centeredness, groundedness, wholeness.  Then from this place, they will connect to their deepest desires in order to serve from a place of purpose.   We will employ a variety of ancient systems and techniques such as astrology, numerology, i-ching, northnode placement and more to provide deeper understanding of the individual self.  Then, use understanding of these key pieces to learn about tendencies that can be overcome or nurtured to foster their highest expression.

CREATE - personal success ritual - strategy and action toward living fully engaged, fully expressed, effective lives.  Awareness around sustained clarity and achievement in work/purpose, personal health, wealth/abundance, relationships, physical environment.










Outcome:  Individual team members will emerge with sustained shifts and have tools and techniques to call on as new challenges arise in the moment.  This new clarity results in each member bringing more sensitivity, clarity, self-awareness, confidence, and connection to purpose to the team, providing a more synergistic, harmonious, productive, and satisfying team experience.  


*** this is an organic process based on the needs of each individual on the team.  

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