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Executive Energetics


As a leader, CEO, or Entrepreneur, you have a unique make-up.  

You also have unique needs.  

Unlike others, you have an entire team, business, process, and/or product that is a reflection of you.  Just as the systems of your car or home can reflect the systems of your body, so can your business.  Your business has energetic centers and patterns that get cluttered, stuck, or downright out of commission for a variety of reasons.  

So, how do you insure you're consistently primed, clear, and in the flow that keeps your life and business functioning optimally?


In the Executive Energetics program, your personal energy coach has the ability to tap into the matrix of your make-up and your needs at any given moment in time.  With highly developed skills of sensing, interpreting, and moving energy, her expertise allows her to see the energetic charge of circumstances you're experiencing in each area of life - health, relationships, business, management.  

Often imbalance in one area of life can manifest in another.  

During regularly scheduled sessions, your personal energy coach, Jennifer Bristol, will tap into, read and assess that matrix to identify and clear stagnancies, get additional information on issues that arise, then collaborate with you to create and execute new, more fluid, energetically sound patterns in every area of your life and business. 

It all begins with an in-depth assessment based on the unique challenges you face as a leader with dozens to thousands of people drawing from your energy field for guidance, knowledge, direction, confirmation, validation, vision.

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