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Space Clearing

Your space clearing starts with a 1 hour phone consultation to determine your needs.

Just as our bodies and relationships develop stagnancies over time, so do our spaces - including homes, offices, and land.  Every item in our physical environment carries it's own energy signature.  Additionally, it's imprinted with all the other factors that have come into contact with it - people who sit on it, look at or talk about it, or even think about it.  This makes your home, office, facility, or store a melting pot of every thought, word, or emotion (positive and negative) that has passed through it.  


Our living and working environments carry and sometimes hold the energies of the people and things that inhabit them. They are also affected by unseen frequencies emitted by electronics, appliances, and the Earth's own ley lines.



A Clearing may include assessment and removal of stagnancies, balancing of excessive electromagnetic currents, and specific recommendations for harmonizing the space or facilitating ongoing flow of energy.


As with all energy work, Space Clearing deals with the subtle energies of the space and not the physical systems.  




Some of the work occurs prior to arrival on-site.  Once on the premises, physical tools such as natural elements of sage, salt, or sand may be combined with light or sound healing techniques to achieve desired results.

Pricing starts at $3500  

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