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Primed Presence 2018

What would your year look like if you were bringing your



to every day?


It's all about Primed Presence.  

The deluge of information coming our way each day makes it tough to even notice when our power becomes diluted . . . until suddenly, we’re completely depleted.  


Primed Presence was created to be your weekly touchstone.  A quick and easy way for you to come back to your center, your focus, your purpose.  Most importantly, you have a weekly invitation to come back to YOU.  

Think of it as your mid-week pit stop that lets you park your life for an hour, take a breath, release things that are no longer serving, tap into your inner wisdom, and create the remainder of your week from that guided, connected place.

Weekly topics will come from an overflowing toolbox of clearing, healing, meditation, and visualization techniques, gathered from two decades of study, exploration, apprenticeship, and private practice on hundreds of clients.

Each live group call is roughly 60 minutes.  Calls are scheduled weekly and held an average of three to four times per month.  Can't make the call?  No problem!  As a subscriber, you'll get a link to the recording to listen at your leisure.  


Each month will rotate through a variety of guided clearing, healing, visualization, and manifestation modalities that help with things like:

∙ centering, balancing

∙ managing stress

∙ building your life force energy

∙ staying on purpose

∙ safeguarding against overwhelm

∙ maintaining mental, emotional, and energetic clarity

Engage or listen in anonymously, your choice.  The vibe will be light but we will use this time as a mid-week touchstone to bring you back to yourself so that you leave feeling centered, grounded, clear, connected to your highest wisdom.   

Primed Presence is available every Wednesday evening at 8:30pm central/ 9:30pm eastern/ 6:30pm pacific.  Call links are provided at time of subscription.  Join in the moment, or use recording in your own timing.

Hosted by Transformational Coach, Jennifer Bristol and guests

Monthly Subscription:  $125/mo.

Join Now for Special Holiday Pricing!

(expires 12/31/17)

Monthly Subscription:  $99/mo.

Full Year Prepay:  $997

(savings of $191!)

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