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2-Hour Mini Intensive




If there is someone in your life you'd like to help gain a little more clarity, a little more connection, a little more direction, you can now gift them with a private consultation to help them achieve all of these things.  

Each mini-intensive will include specific steps to:


Clear:  Get real about the things getting in your way.  See where the blocks are; learn new tools, skills, to move them through.  Layer by layer, feel the levity that comes with clarity! 


Connect:  Dig deeply into your desires.  Not the ones you've been swearing you want for years, but those desires you barely dare to mention because you're not sure you can have them. 


Create:  Take this new clarity and connection for a spin by creating a realistic action plan toward something important to you.  Perhaps family, a specific relationship, a business, or a creative project.  You get the idea.  


Mini-intensive Coaching Session takes place by phone or video chat.

Special Holiday Offer!

(expires 12/24/17)

2-hour Mini-Intensive private coaching session for $525

Need a little tune-up for yourself?  Your stocking needs stuffed, too!  The start of the new year is the perfect time to assess and refresh.  

  • Feel free to purchase for yourself or someone else you care about.  

  • Printable or Digital Gift Certificates available.  

  • Limit 3 per purchaser.  



Wishing you a beautifully blessed, clear, connected, and creative holiday season!

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