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Jennifer Bristol





Jennifer is a transformational coach, intuitive energy healer, and artist with the heart of an entrepreneur.  After earning a bachelors degree in Communications,  she began a career in marketing that has spanned twenty years.  Her expertise in branding, advertising, public relations, and training and development has helped guide many companies in a variety of industries to create and execute a message appropriate for their mission.  Jennifer's experience crosses many industries including fitness, wellness, lifestyle, design, interiors, and real estate development - all carrying a common thread of providing a high-end product, service, or experience. 


On a personal level, Jennifer recognized her intuitive abilities at an early age. She sought the wisdom of great teachers and healers in a wide range of religious and mystic traditions.  Their guidance helped her to understand, tap into and hone her gifts for sensing, interpreting, and moving energy. Jennifer uses her experience in multiple energy modalities including Soul Path healing, Reiki, Medical Qigong and crystal healing, along with her work in the Akashic Records to assess blockages, clear energy pathways, create balance, heal relationships, find divine purpose, manifest living goals, and enhance creativity.


She continues to study ancient and tribal healing systems, metaphysics, and consciousness, and uses her abilities and experience to guide clients in transforming their lives and businesses by blending ancient wisdom with modern practicality.




Jennifer is a master at holding space.  From that safe place she created, I was able to recognize and release my fears, organize my thoughts, align my energy and actions with my purpose, and create a plan to stay on track toward my goals. -Sue K.

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