Change your future, one excuse at a time . . . 

What's your excuse?  

Join us every month on the new moon to begin your excuse fast.  It's free, it's virtual, it's open to everyone!

Steps to get the most out of your Excuse Fast:

1.  Choose ONE thing you're passionate about but don't do as often as you'd like

2.  Write that idea on a small piece of paper and insert it in an empty jar

3.  Now, find time to fit that passion into each of the next 21 days.  No excuses for not doing what you love!

4.  Revisit your words in the jar when you're tempted to make an excuse

5.  Watch your jar fill throughout the year and feel the positive change in your world!

Download your FREE Excuse Fast Tracker (coming soon)

Or Join in and drop the excuses!

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