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Divine Diamond Activation

with Sandra Gelinas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail through life with your own powerful board of experts right at hand or to be surrounded by your power entourage who could guide you with grace and ease through every step required to successfully complete a highly desired project?


What if we upgraded both of those ideas to being surrounded and supported by their Divine equivalents - those Highest Beings of Light who are waiting to be with you in a very real and concrete way to facilitate your highest life purpose?


If you have something you're passionate about - something that would allow all your gifts and talents to shine, that would be in service to the highest good, but it's just not happening yet ... It's time to activate your Divine Diamond.  Join Us!  



Cost:  $30 usd.

Live Teleseminar:  Thursday December 7, 2017

                        12 - 1:30pm central time

What You'll Receive during this Teleseminar:

  • Explanation of how the Divine Diamond came to be.

  • Walk through of how it works.

  • Set up and then activation of this process.

  • Sharing so you can fine tune your Divine Diamond.

  • How to nourish your Divine Diamond.

  • Opportunity to ask questions if you're live on the call.

  • PDF Worksheet for the process. 

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