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EV Magazine digital cover Fall 2018.jpg

Yep, easier to sing about than actually do something about, right??? I’m betting you picked up that tune the minute your eyes scanned the title. It’s catchy. And even uplifting! But, in all seriousness, WHAT MAKES CHANGE SO HARD FOR US??? Well . . . fear, doubt, and unworthiness, to name a few things. These are all subconscious (or maybe even conscious!) patterns that can be carried with us from other lifetimes, from social and familial influences, or from a series of our own mistakes. The good news is, IT'S POSSIBLE TO CLEAR ALL OF THESE THINGS! The next line of this famous David Bowie tune is “turn and face the strain”. I believe the "strain" to be that gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You see, when you start asking for and desiring more or different for yourself, you start creating it. When you start visualizing yourself there and believing you can have it, you get closer and closer to it. Then you get to the point of feeling the excitement and joy of being in that place and it's Oh So Sweet. Then . . . . You realize how great being in this new place is. But, looking back at the action steps that need to happen to catch you up can be quite daunting! And many people give up here. . .coming so close to what they desire, but not achieving it. I’ve been as guilty of this as anyone over the years! HOW I SHIFTED THIS HANG-UP FOR MYSELF (and how you can to!) Realize I’m never going to be done - We are always upgrading. I had to make friends with the fact that I will always be growing, changing, manifesting. As soon as I get comfortable with something, my new circumstances spark a desire for something more, and from that new place, another new desire evolves. And so it goes. But the key here is evolving. It’s imperative to take the action steps to line up with what you’ve already created energetically through thoughts and desires. Otherwise, you’re not actually evolving, you’re more like daydreaming in a lot of directions from the same place. Clear, clear, clear - Our circumstances are designed to evoke more from us. It’s easy to get caught up in the “process” of it all. To intellectualize, overanalyze. At the end of the day, it’s all information. If we step back and look at that information objectively, we’ll find the nuggets that mean something and can drop our attachment to the process. There are countless ways to release what’s no longer working - whether you’re into meditation, exercise, or already have practitioners to assist you in this area. Take the time to consciously release what is no longer serving you and enjoy the clarity and freedom that come with regularly letting go. Commit to yourself - I found out over the years that I was much more likely to show up for someone else than for myself. I’d be mortified at the idea of letting someone else down, but didn’t give myself the same respect or priority. When I decided to treat myself as my own best client, I stopped making excuses, settling for less, and holding myself back. There is no greater investment than in the fullest expression of yourself and your gifts.

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