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J Bristol
EV Magazine digital cover Fall 2018.jpg
EV Magazine digital cover Fall 2018.jpg

At a very early age, I had a craving to know and understand people. I wanted to explore other cultures and beliefs and see how others found their way in the world. This early exploration took the form of travel and adventure and language and art. From the moment I sat at my parents’ dinner table at 15 years old and announced I wanted to visit Russia to understand what it was like to live in a communist country, travel has been a crucial part of my life. I took that first trip with money I had saved from my part time job, with a group of strangers I had never met before, and it changed the lens through which I viewed the world. Travel has a way of opening us up to possiblity. Of breaking down barriers - both within ourselves and between ourselves and others. Some of my years have been dedicated to adventures far and wide, others to deep reflection and exploration within. Our Fall 2018 issue is dedicated to the growth and expansion that come through broadening your horizons. Whether you’re taking a deep dive into yourself or trotting around the globe, to GO is to GROW. I hope you enjoy this adventure with us. Much love, Jennifer

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