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Framework for Longevity

What is the secret of Longevity

Invest in bonds

Bond with love

Parental marital filial people spiritual

Love thy neighbor as thyself

No greater love hath man

Than he give up his life for another

Bond with nature

With its broad range of animal plant and mineral life

With its sun moon stars land sea and air

And all the creatures thereon and therein

With its solitude music challenge reverence

Bond with a positive mindset

Aim high and you won't hit low

If things go your way don't get too high

If things go against you don't get too low

Bond with an upbeat lifestyle

Engage in spiritual intellectual social recreational pursuits

That guarantee health strength and daily bread

Woo the positive spurn the negative

Bond with existence

An existence that you deem worthy of your worship

Daily lift up some thought word and deed

To Him to Her to It

On each future birthday

Check your investments

If you can look at each bond and say

"Been there Done that"

You will end up dancing on the top rung

Of Longevity's ladder

by Michael J. Castori


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