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Elan Vitae


  • Eric Meyers


Just before the Sun enters Libra, there is a Virgo New Moon. The last lunar cycle began with the great eclipse and world events (extreme weather, nuclear tensions, etc.) certainly reflected the intensity. Now there's a much different vibe beginning. The Virgo New Moon is conjunct Vesta in early Libra, bridging the sign of refinement (Virgo), with cultural inclusion (Libra). The spiritual work emphasized this month involves diligent (Virgo) devotion (Vesta), furthering our work towards an ideal (Libra). At its core, Virgo concerns excellence, the satisfaction which emerges when we put down the chisel and are pleased with the sculpture. This month we are invited to do the sacred work of honoring and honing our projects in order to have this moment. As the Sun travels through Libra, we share and find allies, refresh our relationships with the same devotion and care.

As we turn the corner of the equinox, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo. There is a profound earthy emphasis on pragmatics, strategy and focus. Saturn is completing its 2+ year passage through Sagittarius soon, asking us if we are aligned with our purpose. Saturn will enter Capricorn in December, opening a chapter of professionalism and potential vocational structure to our aims. The abundance of Virgo energy right now is our great ally in carving the stone for its eventual unveiling. Of course the hazard with this sign is the famous criticality or nitpickiness, anxiety which derails our efforts and sabotages success. Libra is enormously helpful in that regard, to have us balance in the direction of grace and elegance.

Uranus in Aries adds innovative dimensions and potential metaphysical insight available to ground. How might you make your projects and efforts unique (Uranus) to you (Aries)? The shadow of Virgo is going through the motions like workers on an assembly line. Uranus adds a jazzy vibe of improvisation, a spirit of reinvention to what we do. Pluto is about to station direct in Capricorn (9/28), so the throttle of power moves into drive, and our efforts may accelerate into the world.

Jupiter is exactly opposite Uranus, completing the last of 3 direct hits. This interchange inspires us to envision what is possible and proceed confidently in our direction. Where do we sell ourselves short? How do we limit our reach? With boldness (Jupiter) and perspective (Uranus), major leaps and advances are available. However, we must carve the stone further now. It’s not time to let up, but to reach that satisfying moment of pleasure when we see a job well done.

Jupiter in Scorpio

On October 10th 2017, the planet Jupiter enters Scorpio and will reside in the 8th sign for nearly 13 months (until 11/8/18). Jupiter seeks advanced learning through adventure and discovery, continually formulating theories and a governing life philosophy. The spiritual lesson of the HUGE planet is to bet big on what we believe, to boldly move through life with confidence and direction.

Scorpio is an interpersonal sign, involving the underlying psychological dynamics occurring between self and other, was is REALLY going on. It covers territory such as control and power dynamics, ecstatic sacred union, the reality of death and the game of survival. With Scorpio, think of pulse-stopping intensity, the engagement of the psyche into the abyss of human drama. During this time, we may bridge or widen our relational divides, either way they will become more charged and prone to trigger issues. With Scorpio, matters can transform in surprising ways, not always preferable to the personality.

Jupiter’s visit to Scorpio asks us to get our next “degree” in psychology, shamanism, hypnotism, mysticism, the tantric arts, alchemy or whatever else draws you into the mysterious and beyond your edges. Have you tried on your inner witch or warlock lately? As we bring out the contents in the shadow, it may feel like Halloween, for a year!

When issues and complexes (Scorpio) are exaggerated (Jupiter), they can be addressed. The work is to conquer our fears and inhibitions about the dark, after all this is the territory many people assign language like “bad” and “evil” to. Everything in astrology, and all of life, has many sides. There is substantial wisdom, depth, meaning, passion, intensity and enormous discovery waiting for a mature exploration of the psyche.


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