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Elan Vitae


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Spring bubbles with possibilities when it comes to themes.

This issue evolved from the title of its cover art. When asked what feeling the painting evoked, a native Spanish-speaker responded, “Renacer” - rebirth, or to be reborn, in Spanish. As the original artist, the name landed as the proper one for this piece. The vibrant colors and movement depict the sometimes chaotic, expansive, loud, even overwhelming emotions that accompany the thought of being reborn.

They are also rooted in the steady, stable, grounding darker colors that invite us to anchor a wild and expansive period of rebirth or renewal into a connected re-commitment to ourselves and our paths.

Here, we’re exploring the edges of what it means to be reborn and enjoy the beauty of a new perspective on the other side of that renewal.

As you read, we hope you’ll consider where you might invite a shedding or release to reveal something new in your life. Are you ready to embrace the wildness of that ride?

Let’s go!

See you on the inside,


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