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Let's embrace multidimensionality.  Let's be wild and witty and wise.  Let's raise the vibrational tide by mastering our own energies and living intuitively inspired lives. . .

About Our Contributors




Jennifer is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Transformational Coach, and Artist.  She has combined her love of aesthetics, energetics, and intuitive living into Coaching Programs, Products, and Services that inspire deep transformation and effective living and business-building. 



Darien is an artist, observer, and conscious creator. She is passionate about creating community around the simple pleasures of life. She blends spirituality, presence, and appreciation for everyday miracles into tangible experiences for all the senses.  Darien is a true champion for inspired living.  She currently resides in Montana with her “brown dog”, Josie.



Shena is a college-level lecturer, coach, and idea actualization guide.  Her creative exercises and programs have supported hundreds of students and private clients in developing and sharing their unique gifts with the world.  After traveling and living abroad, Shena now homesteads with her husband and two children on their quiet 30 acres in upstate New York.

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